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Zenith Tank Platform - Innokin

Zenith Tank Platform - Innokin

Brand: Innokin

Zenith Tank Platform - Innokin

Zenith Tank Platform - Innokin

Zenith Tank Platform - Innokin was created in collaboration between Phil Busardo, Dimitris Agrafiotis and Innokin.

Main features:
Coil preintsaled Zenith 1.6 ohm Kanthal 10W - 14W for a cooler vape at lower wattages (works great with Nicotine salt liquid)
Coil Zenith 0.8 Ohm Kanthal 15W - 18W for a slightly warmer vape and slightly higher wattages.
Clearomizer capacity: 2 ml
Size: 24mm x 49mm

How to fill the Innokin Clearomizer:
1. Twist the top.
2. Insert needle tip and fill with e-liquid
3. Fill clearomizer to top fill line.
4. Twist the top back to close

Zenith Tank Platform Twist to fill

How to fit / exchange coil
1. Make sure the clearomizer is detached from the battery.
2. Turn the clearomizer upside-down, so that the mouthpiece is pointing towards the floor.
3. Unscrew the base of the clearomizer
4. Pull out the coil from the base and fit new. Make sure that coil sit properly in to the slot (a loose coil will cause the clearomizer to leak from airflow)
5. Screw the base back (if you see gap between tank and base cap it's mean coil was wronly fited)
6. Screw the clearomizer onto your battery.

• 1x Zenith Tank (1.6ohm)
• 1x Spare Zenith Coil (0.8ohm)
• 1x Spare Drip Tip

The warranty does not cover Coils or Clearomizer, as these part are quickly used up while the products are put to normal use.

€ 25.00

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