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JustFog C14 Starter Kit 900mAh

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JustFog C14 Starter Kit 900mAh. The Just Fog C14 e cigarette latest kits from JustFog. Real vapes for real vapers, C14 Clearomizer (Organic Cotton Coil) and passthrough battery. The world's smallest organic cotton coil clearomizer.

The kit contains:
• JUSTFOG C14 clearomizer - 1 pcs
• 5-pin bottom charging Point battery (900mAh) - 1 pcs
• C14 Organic Cotton Coil - 3 pcs
• 5-pin charging cable
• User guide
• Warranty card

Technical specification 
• Li-ion Battery for e cigarette and replaceable coil type cartomizer
• Battery colour to choose: black, silver, white, red, orchid black
• Clearomizer colour: stainless 
• Battery capacity: 900 mAh
• Battery voltage: 3.4V  Constant voltage
• Cut-off time: 10 seconds
• Resistance of clearomizer:1.6 ohm (+/- 0.2 ohm)
• Clearomizer capacity: 1.1~1.8ml
• Battery thread: eGo / 510

Clearomizer C14: 
• Convenient compatibilities with both low voltage and high voltage batteries 
• Perfect compatibility with any batteries (eGo thread) 
• Convenient bottom coil type clearomizer 
• 100% Genuine Japanese cotton coil 
• Nichrome wire 
• D.A.L. (Double-Anti-Leakage) system that does not miss a single drop o liquid 
• PC materials from Bayer Germany 
• Premium grade chrome coated 

Constant voltage power supply - Stable vaporing perormance regardless of remaining battery life.
LED display for residual battery - Remaining battery life is displayed by LED light.
ON/OFF power function - Turn on/off the device at will to save battery.
Automatic power off function - Safety power off function prevents the device from getting overheated.
Premium protection circuit installed - Protection for battery short circuit, over discharge and over voltage.

The battery is equipped with the system signaling the battery charge level:
       - 100- 75%, the battery button emits bright white light.
       - 75 – 50%, the battery button emits blue light,
       - 50 – 25%, the battery button emits green light,
       - 25 – 0%, the battery button emits red light.

How to fill the JUSTFOG C14 Clearomizer: 
1. Make sure the clearomizer is detached from the battery. 
2. Turn the clearomizer upside-down, so that the mouthpiece is pointing towards the floor. 
3. Unscrew the base of the clearomizer (the part that screws into the battery). 
4. Fill your liquid into the tank, making sure to pour it in from the side, so that the liquid is cascading down the sides of the tank walls. make sure not to get any liquid into the center airflow hole. 
5. Screw the base back onto the clearomizer body. 
6. Screw the clearomizer onto your battery. 
7. Vape and enjoy! 

IMPORTANT! When using a new atomizer / clearomizer, let the tank stand for 5 minutes, so the cotton can be saturated with juice before firing. Do not let the tank become completely empty. Refill the tank become completely empty. Refill the tank to avoid dry burning or damage to the atomizer / clearomizer. 

The warranty period for particular kit elements is:
2 months from date of purchase:
• 900 mAh manual battery
• charger (5-pin charger)

The warranty does not cover Justfog C14 Clearomizer and coil cylinders, as these parts are quickly used up while the products are put to normal use.

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