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Genuine KangerTech™ TOP EVOD Kit

Genuine KangerTech™ TOP EVOD Kit

KangerTech TOP EVOD Product features: Top filling with 1.7ml, huge vapor, simple to use, competitive price, EVOD 650 mAh battery, sleek shape

Packing include:
1. TopTank EVOD x1
2. EVOD Battery x1
3. VOCC-T 1.5 ohm Coil x1
4. USB Charger x1
6. Manual

• Tank diameter: 14mm
• Tank capacity: 1.7ml
• Battery capacity: 650 mAh
• Atomizer: VOCC-T 1.5 ohm or above
• USB Charger: 510 USB charger
• Input: DC: 5V
• Output: DC 4.2V

Prime the atomizer (VOCC-T) for 1 minute, otherwise it will dry burn.
Press fire button 5 times within 3 second to turn on/off the EVOD battery. Press the fire button to vape.

Battery function:
1. Speedy 5 click the button to switch ON/OFF the battery.
2. When the battery is ON, press the button to vape
3. When the battery capacity is going to drain out, press the button, it will flash over ten times and user need to recharge the battery
4. When press the button over 10 second, the over use protection will activate, it will stop output and the button will flash.
5. When charging by USB cable, the bottom LED will turn red. It will turn green once fully charge up.

Charging battery:
Use provided 510 USB charger and connect to 510 thread of EVOD. Connect the USB plug to a USB source equal to or less than 5.0V Do not use the 510 USB charger other than the charger provided in this kit.

Instruction how to replace the KangerTech TOP Evod clearomizer coil:
1. Unscrew Clearomizer from the battery.
2. Hold Clearomizer in upside down toward the floor. 
3. Unscrew the metal base of Clearomizer 
4. The metal base to remove the coil (long thin part at the center of the base). Remove the coil from the metal base and throw it. 
5. Screw the new coil in place of the old coil (be sure it is tightened, do not remove silicone rubbers) 
6. Screw back the metal base to Clearomizer 
7. It's vaping time!

1. Do not charge the device outdoors and keep away from water. 
2. Do not use this device for anything other than vaping
3. Dissembling the device will voice your warranty
4. Do not use any resistance wire other than those specified
5. Do not swallow the e-liquid
6. Do not look into the drip tip when vaping to prevent juice spit in eyes
7. Do not use device while driving
8. Do not dispose battery to fire or use it in extreme temperature
9. This is not designed to be a smoking cessation device.
10. Keep all components away from children and pets.
11. Suitable range of using this kit in temperature 5-45 degree C.
12. Use the provide tank and battery as a kit and do not separate to use other tank or battery.
13. This device is intended for use by adults. It should not be used by children under the age of their local smoking or vaping laws, women who are pregnant, or those suffering from illness that could be worsened by the use of this product.
14. If you have an adverse reaction in the use of this product, stop using it immediately and seek medical assistance.
15. This device contains no user serviceable parts.
16. KangerTech and eCigarettes World takes no responsibility for damage to person or property through improper use of this product.
17. KangerTech and eCigarettes World will not warranty this product due to improper use or damaged caused by the user.

The warranty period is:
2 months from date of purchase:
• KangerTech EVOD battery

Official KangerTech Authorized Distributor for eCigarettesWorld Ireland

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