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Genuine KangerTech™ TOPBOX Nano TC 60W

Genuine KangerTech™ TOPBOX Nano TC 60W

KangerTech TOPBOX Nano TC 60W. This kit include the Toptank Nano tank which is top fill tank and the KBOX Nano TC with temperature control, output 60W which drive down to 0.1 coil with temperature control using 510 spring loaded thread, user can easy assemble them together, add their e-juice and then start to vape.

Packing include:
1. Toptank Nano
2. KBOX Nano TC
3. SSOCC 0.15 Ohm
4. SSOCC 1.5 Ohm
5. Clapton coil 0.5 Ohm
6. Pyrex glass
7. USB cable
8. User manual

NOTE: 18650 battery is not included in the kit.

Specification Toptank Nano:

• Top fill tank
• Diameter: 18.5mm 
• Length: 44mm
• Weight: 44g

Specification KBOX Nano TC:  
• Thread: spring loaded 510 thread
• Display: OLED
• Height: 82mm
• Length: 37.5mm
• Width: 21.5mm
• Weight: 97g (exclude 18650 cell)
• Output watt: 7W to 60W with 0.1W increment with temperature control
• Charging: Micro USB, DC 5V at 1A
• Cell: Lithium 18650, 3.7v (must discharge over 30A)
• Resistance: Ni200, Ti at 0.1-1.3 Ohm

Changing SSOCC:
The atomizer unit is completely replaceable and designed for a period of life span. When flavor and/or vapor and reduced, it is time to chane the atomizer. Remove the tank from the battery and turn the tank upside down, unscrew the air flow base and carefully set the tank aside. Unscrew the atomizer unit counterclockwise. Once disassemble, discard the used head and replace it with a new clean SSOCC head. Screw the new head clockwise into the air flow base. After filling the e-juice screw the airflow base in clockwise back to the tank. You may now reconnect the tank to your KBOX Nano TC (510 thread) abd begin to vape.

Filling e liquid:
There are two ways you can fill the Toptank Nano. Bottom filling and Top filling.

Adjusting the air flow:
1. Three level of air-flow setting.
2. Each level has stopper to keep adjusting valve in steady position.

KBOX using method:
1. 5 speedy click to switch on/off the battery
2. after switch on. OLED display "KangerTech" at stand by mode.
3. press button "+", "-" to adjust the wattage output
4. OLED display the battery level, resistance value and output wattage.
5. press "+" and "-" together to adjust the orientation of display.
6. plug in the Micro USB cord to charge the cell, OLED display charging state. Once fully charge, the OLED will off
7. user can vape and charge simultaneously.

KBOX protection:
1. Short circuit protection, OLED flas and display "0.0 ohm"
2. atomizer open circuit, OLED flash and display "9.9 ohm" 
3. cell reverse protection, no power output when cell reverse to install.
4. PCB over temperature protection and battery stop function and OLED display "Temp High"
5. 10 second overtime usage protection, no power output and OLED display "10S OVER"
6. cell capacity protection, when cell capacity drop too low cell indicator will flash.

• This package not include the 18650 cell or charger. Customer to choose suitable 18650 cell and the corresponding charger. The cell output should be 30A or above. Once the capacity indicator drop to minimum, the cell need to be recharge.

Suggested setting procedure:
1. fill the tank and install the 18650 cell
2. 5 click to switch on the KBOX Nano TC
3. press fire button 3 times, chosse your resistance wire, Ni 200, Ti or Nichrome wire.
4. for pure Ni 200or Ti, set your desire coil temperature to fit your taste.
5. for power out mode using Nichrome wire, set your desire working wattage which best fit you.
6. choose OLED display orientation.
7. remember to lock the up/down button once you have best setting by pressing the entire button together.
8. in case you change the coil or vape in others enviroment of presetting, you may need to calibrate the KBOX Nano TC as mentioned in step 7 of OLED display table for Ni200 or Ti temperature control mode.

1. Do not charge the cell outdoors and keep away from water. 
2. Do not use this battery for others purpose except only for vaping
3. Do not touch or spill the nicotine juice
4. Do not try to disassemble the battery
5. Do not disposal battery to fire or use it in extreme temperature
6. Suitable range of using temperature is 5 - 45 degree C
7. Do not use e-cigarette while driving
8. Do not swallow the e-juice
9. Do not use the electronic cigarette more frequently or for longer periods than conventional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette is not a smoking cassation device.
10. Choose suitable wattage to prevent damage to the coil
11. Keep all components away from children and pets
12. This kit is intended for use by adults and not by children, women who are pregnant or person having disease or sick which may affect by this product
13. For people with adverse reaction after using this product, it is recommended to use the e-liquid with lower nicotine content or no nicotine
14. Improper use of this product may take their own risk
15. KangerTech and eCigarettes World will not guarantee products that have been damaged by improper use or intentional damage

The warranty period TOPBOX Nano is:
1 month from date of purchase:
• KangerTech  KBOX Nano

Additional important information about Sub-Ohm vaping:
Device designed for Sub-Ohm vaping. To safely use this device more vaping experience is required. You should take extra care when you use Sub-Ohm tank. Sub-Ohm coils will only work with a MOD which is capable to work with Sub-Ohm atomizer. Ni200 coils will only work with devices with temperature control (TC). Please make sure that the battery parameters meet the requirements of the device.

Sub-Ohm coils produces bigger throat hit than standard coils. Please make sure that you use liquid with proper nicotine level. We recomend to use lower nicotine level than you have used in standard clearomizer.


Official KangerTech Authorized Distributor for eCigarettesWorld Ireland

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