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Genuine KangerTech™ DRIPBOX 160 Starter KIT

Genuine KangerTech™ DRIPBOX 160 Starter KIT

Genuine KangerTech™ DRIPBOX 160 Starter KIT

Genuine KangerTech™ DRIPBOX 160 Starter KIT

KangerTech Dripbox 160 comes with Subdrip 160 and Dripmod 160l. User can easily squeeze the tank and pump the appropriate e-liquid from the Dripmod 160 to Subdrip 160. With temperature control and high power output, user can enjoy the fun of dripping. In addition, replaceable drip coil makes rhe coil changing much easier.

Packing include:
1. Subdrip 160
2. Dripmod 160
3. DIY Drip Base
4. Replacement Drip coil (Kanthal)
5. Extra juice tank (bottle)
6. Accessory pack
7. USB cable
8. Manual

NOTE: 18650 flat top battery is not included in the kit.

• Height: 26mm
• Diameter: 22mm
• Weight: 30g
• Casing: Stainless steel
• Connection: 510 thread with juice delivery mechanism
• Coil attach: Stainless steel DIY drip base 0.25 ohm (2 x 0.5 ohm in parallel)
• Replacement coil: Kanthal 0.2 ohm (2 x 0.4 ohm in parallel)
• Addition: Replaceable drip coil
• Adjustable air flow

• Height: 84mm
• Width: 51mm
• Weight: 228g (exclude 18650 cell)
• Casing: Zinc alloy
• Cell: Replaceable Li 18650 cell x2, 30A discharge (NOT INCLUDED), best performer at 30A
• Charging: Micro USB port/DC5V/1000mA
• Max output: 7W to 200W with 0.1W increment
• Resultant resistance: Ni200 (in TC mode), Ti, SS at 0.05 ohm or above. Nichrome wire at 0.1 ohm or above
• Temperature control: 100 C to 315 C or 200 F to 600F

SUBDRIP 160 must used together with the Dripmod 160 battery since it has a juice delivery channel, using other type of mod may make the juice flow down to the battery, which will ruin your mod.

DRIPMOD 160 usage:
1. 5 speedy clicks to switch on/off the battery
2. After switched on, LCD displays "KANGER TECH" in standby mode.
3. Press fire button 3  times, choose your preferred resistance wire, Ni200, Ti, NiCr or SS resistance wire, you can set your desired coil temperature to fit your taste
5. For power output mode, set your desired working eattage that best fits your taste
6. Press ( + ) and ( - ) together to choose LCD display orientation
7. Press ( + ), ( - ) and fire button all together can lock the up and down buttons
8. In case you change the coil or vape in other environment of presetting, you may need to calibrate the Dripmod 160 ATOMIZER AS NEW COIL: yes ( + ), no ( - ) FOR BEST PERFORMANCE
9. If no display o calibration: a) Screw down the SUBDRIP 160; b) Press the fire button till LCD displays "Check Atomizer"; c) Screw back the SUBDRIP 160 and press fire button again

DRIPMOD 160 protection:
1. Short circuit protection: LCD flashes and displays "Low Resistance"
2. Atomizer open circuit: LCD flashes and displays "Check Atomizer"
3. Cell everse protection: no power output when cell reversely installed
4. PCB over temperature protection: battery stops function and LCD displays "Temp High"
5. 10 seconds overtime usage protection: no power output and LCD displays "10S OVER"
6. Cell capacity protection: when cell capacity is too low and displays "Check Battery"

The package does not include the 18650 cell or charger. Customer needs to choose suitable 18650 celland the corresponding charger. The cell output should best discharge at 30A or above. Once the capacity indicator drop to the minimum, the cell needs to be charged. End user must choose the correct temperature control mode corresponding to their resistance wire for Dripmod 160 to function normally. It's suggested that the Ni200 wire is used in TC mode only.

Dripmod 160 head must not be "Dry Burn", user need to ensure the Dripmod head soak with e-juice before firing (input power). Wait 60 seconds for the cotton to saturate with juice before firing.

1. Do not charge the device outdoors and keep away from water. 
2. Do not use this device for anything other than vaping
3. Dissembling the device will voice your warranty
4. Do not use any resistance wire other than those specified
5. Do not swallow the e-liquid
6. Do not look into the drip tip when vaping to prevent juice spit in eyes
7. Do not use device while driving
8. Do not dispose battery to fire or use it in extreme temperature
9. This is not designed to be a smoking cessation device.
10. Keep all components away from children and pets.
11. Suitable range of using this kit in temperature 5-45 degree C.
12. Use the provide tank and battery as a kit and do not separate to use other tank or battery.
13. This device is intended for use by adults. It should not be used by children under the age of their local smoking or vaping laws, women who are pregnant, or those suffering from illness that could be worsened by the use of this product.
14. If you have an adverse reaction in the use of this product, stop using it immediately and seek medical assistance.
15. This device contains no user serviceable parts.
16. KangerTech and eCigarettes World takes no responsibility for damage to person or property through improper use of this product.
17. KangerTech and eCigarettes World will not warranty this product due to improper use or damaged caused by the user.

The warranty period is:
30 days from date of purchase:

Official KangerTech Authorized Distributor for eCigarettesWorld Ireland

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