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JustFog S14 Hybrid Kit Clearomizer

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Just Fog S14 Hybrid Kit is the world's smallest clearomizer using Japanese organic cotton coil. The product offers perfect compatibility with most batteries offered in the market, regardless of the connection types or voltage values. This lets users avoid the trouble of finding the right batteries with the precise voltage values for their clearomizers. Following the worldwide popularity of the 1453 and MAXI series, JUSTFOG once again offers an easy-to-use yet strong clearomizer to e-cigarette users around the world JUSTFOG 14 series clearomizers all use same Japanese organic cotton coils.

1453 top coil clearomizer series has been well loved by vapers all around the world due to its high performance and affordable price. JUSTFOG developed JUSTFOG C14 whitch resembles 1453 clearomizer series design, but in bottom coil type version.

Much more, much deeper with the hybrid function!

Hybrid driptip for lung-inhale vaping
When the device is lung-inhaled by Hybrid driptip, the outside air flows into the clearomizer through the air holes of Hybrid driptip and make a contact with the vapor inside the clearomizer, The outside air suppresses the collisions of inside vapor particles, increasing the vapor production greatly.

Air fow control in 12 levels
The hybrid driptips contain 3-grade airflow control systems, in addition to the 4-grade airflow control systems at the bottom of the clearomizers can be controlled at 12 levels.

Vapor temperature control
Vapor temperature can be controlled by controlling the incoming airflow to the hybrid driptips. The vapor is cooled down as the vaporized liquid inside the hybrid driptip air-holes.

• Hybrid function - Two types of vaping mode
• Airflow control in 12 levels
• Safe Stainless steel, Pyrex glass materials used 
• Convenient compatibilities with both low voltage and high voltage batteries
• Perfect compatibility with any batteries (eGo thread)
• Convenient bottom coil type clearomizer
• 100% Genuine Japanese cotton coil
• Nichrome wire
• D.A.L. (Double-Anti-Leakage) system that does not miss a single drop o liquid

• Capacity: 1.8ml
• Battery Compatibility: eGo
• Resistance: 1.6ohm
• Coil Cylinder: Organic Cotton / Bottom Coil
• Recommended voltages: 3.4V - 4.4V (6W - 12W)
• Materials: Stainless Steel / Pyrex Glass 
• Dimensions: 14.0mm / 74.0mm (Including the mouthpieces)
• Weight: 31.9g
• Mouthpiece: Stainless / Driptip type, hybrid driptip (Included only in S14 hybrid Kit)
• Airflow control function

How to fill the JUSTFOG S14 Clearomizer:
1. Make sure the clearomizer is detached from the battery.
2. Turn the clearomizer upside-down, so that the mouthpiece is pointing towards the floor.
3. Unscrew the base of the clearomizer (the part that screws into the battery).
4. Fill your liquid into the tank, making sure to pour it in from the side, so that the liquid is cascading down the sides of the tank walls. make sure not to get any liquid into the center airflow hole.
5. Screw the base back onto the clearomizer body.
6. Screw the clearomizer onto your battery.
7. Vape and enjoy!

IMPORTANT! When using a new atomizer / clearomizer, let the tank stand for 5 minutes, so the cotton can be saturated with juice before firing. Do not let the tank become completely empty. Refill the tank become completely empty. Refill the tank to avoid dry burning or damage to the atomizer / clearomizer.

Package Contents:
• 1 x JUSTFOG S14 Clearomizer
• 2 x 1.6ohm cotton coil
• 1 x Hybrid driptip 

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