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Why electronic cigarette is better than traditional cigarettes?

The normal cigarette contains thousands of tar and carcinogens.

Electronic cigarette is a revolution in the market targeted at smokers.

In an e-cigarette are eliminated substances harmful to humans because we burn a special liquid which is contained nicotine, and not like a regular tobacco cigarette with poisons contained.

Electronic cigarette offers smokers the opportunity to satisfy their addiction to nicotine in a safe way. Gives you the freedom when so many ordinary cigarette smoking restrictions in public places.

Health effects of smoking e-cigarettes the average e-smoker can be observed after a few weeks. Many e-smoker noted a significant improvement in the overall health of the body, disappearing suffocating, exhausting cough.

The newly returned smell and sense of taste. Finally you can enjoy the fullness of flavors and aromas of food and drink consumed.

Smoking e-cigarettes, the smoker does not have bad breath, clothes, and your surroundings do not bleed through to the other unpleasant smell of cigarette smoke.

End of yellowed fingers and fingernails (after which, at first sight you can see a heavy smoker)

Harmless to others and the environment, there is no second hand smoke.

Smoking e-cigarettes do not burn yourself and not putting yourself and your loved ones starting fatal fires in the butt.

The steam temperature in the combustion of liquid e-cigarette is similar temperature to the temperature of the human body. This does not cause irritation of the respiratory system of e-smoker.