100mg Cannabidiol - Natural CBD

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100mg cannabidiol - Natural CBD

NaturalCBD product made in Ireland using highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients. CBD e liquid for vape, you can add to your daily vape juice.

CBD does not have any intoxicating effects such as those caused by THC in marijuana (there is no high).

Dosage: 1 drop contain 0.4mg of CBD. Noticeable dosage, depending on individual predispositions, amounts to about 2mg. CBD shall be taken in small dosages few times a day. Method of ingestion: CBD solution may be taken inhaled (the greatest bioavailability).

The dosage shall be adapted to the needs and mood. The dosage (it all depends on your sensitivity to CBD) shall be started from:
- When you use only CBD in atomizer: vaporize for few moments at the morning and / or in the evening, depending on needs.
- When you mix CBD with other e-liquid in atomizer: drop or few drops shall be placed in atomizer along with a small dose of favorite e-liquid - for all day vape. Stop using in case of observing distressing symptoms.

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• The product is not intended for use for underage persons
• The product is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women
• The product shall be stored out of reach of children
• The product shall be separated from food and stored in cool, dark place
• The product shall be stored out of reach of pets (especially cats), away from pet food.

• Pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol 70%
• Pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerin 30%
• 100 mg of (flavourless CBD) Cannabidiol in 10ml of liquid

You can find more information about the product at www.naturalCBD.ie

We are sorry, but we do not accept the exchange / return of liquids after purchase. Health and safety reasons. Please make sure that you picked proper flavour and proper nicotine level.

Data sheet

  • Bottle Size - 10 ml
  • PG / VG Ratio - PG70 / VG30