Smok Vape Pen V2 1600mAh

Smok Vape Pen V2 1600mAh

Brand: Smoktech

Smok Vape Pen V2 1600mAh

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Smok Vape Pen V2

VAPE PEN V2 consisting of a 1600mAh battery and a 2ml tank. Distinguished in the 60W max output, 0.15Ω Vape Pen V2 Meshed Coil inside and adjustable airflow system, it is over-whelming to ride into the queue of your favorite devices by virtue of the lengthened endurance, satisfying taste, smooth flavor and customized vapor effect. Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

Smok Vape Pen 22 specifications:

• Size: 117.7*22mm
• Weight: 94.5g
• Battery Capacity: 1600mAh
• Max Power: 60W
• Input Voltage: 3.3 V-4.2V±0.2V
• Output Voltage: 3.0 V-4.0V
• Standby Current: <50uA
• Load Resistance Range: 0.14Ω-3.0Ω
• Charging Current: Max 670mA
• Charging Voltage: 4.2 V±0.2V
• Overcharge Voltage: 4.3V±0.05V
• Over-discharge Voltage: 2.4V±0.05V
• Overcharge Current: 1.7A±0.6A

One button for more possibilities. Arrange a round button on the upper part of the mod, exactly where your fingers are use to placing while vaping, catering to your operations on the device.
- Fast press it 5 times - Power on or off
- Long press - Vape
- Double click it - Check the remaining battery

How to charge
 Easy to charge via Micro 5pin USB port. When battery indicate that is full, disconnect the wire. Never leave connected for night time and never leave the device connected to the charger unattended. If you do, you do so at your own risk.

Top-cap filling design. 
1.The tank use new top refill system, you just need to hold the tank with one hand, and use another one to screw off its drip tip and top cap.
2. Add e-liquid through the slot, and pay attantion not to drip in into the central airflow tube.
3. Close the cap carefully and firmly. then let it stand for 5 minutes to get the organic cotton completely saturated.

1. Please don’t add e-liquid into the air pipe.
2. Please don’t overfill and make sure the e-liquid level is between 10%-90%.
3. Please first drip a few drops of e-liquid directly into the wick of the coil to make it fully saturated before first use.
4. Please use proper PG/VG ratio liquids for this type of tank

Vape pen V2 liquid filling
Vape pen V2 liquid filling
Vape pen V2 liquid filling

How to fit / exchange coil
1. Make sure the device is turned off
2. Unscrew the top cap and gently remove the glass tube
3. Remove old coil. Screw the new coil tightly all the way in (a loose coil will cause the clearomizer to leak from airflow)
4. Mount the glass tube
5. Now is the time to fill the tank with liquid and screw the top cap. After filling wait 5 min to let liquid soak into the cotton
6. Unlock your device

The kit includes:
• 1x Vape Pen V2 2ml
• 2x Vape Pen Mesched 0.15Ω
• 1x USB Charging Cable
• 1x User Manual

Sub ohm device. Worth reading before buying:
This type of device is intended for the user with grater knowledge and experience. Coils used are below 1.0 ohm so that higher Wattage could be used. Before you use please read manual. Often, this kits are equipped with additional options that allow you to adjust Wattage.

For Sub ohm devices we recommend that you do not use liquids with nicotine higher than 6mg / ml and only good quality liquids with 30/70 PG / VG or higher VG. Devices of this type produce a lot more of vape, which results in a stronger hit to the throat (like higher nicotine in the basic device). Ask if you're not sure ... we don't bite ;-)

IMPORTANT! When using a new coil, let the device stand for 5 minutes, so the cotton can be saturated with juice before firing. Do not let the tank become completely empty. Refill the tank to avoid dry burning or damage to the coil. 

The warranty period for particular kit elements is:
2 months from date of purchase:
• Vape Pen V2 Battery

The warranty does not cover Coils or Clearomizer, as these part are quickly used up while the products are put to normal use.

Tip - Battery come with a 5-Click ON/OFF feature. This can help prevent you from unintentionally turning the battery ON. Simply press the button 5 times in a row manually to turn the battery either ON or OFF. (Should be done quickly in 2 seconds)