JustFog Q16 Pro Battery

JustFog Q16 Pro Battery

Brand: JustFog

JustFog Q16 Pro Battery

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JustFog Q16 Pro Battery

JustFog Q16 Pro Battery 900 mAh 4 stage battery, these are designed to perfection from the best materials available on the market. Charged by 5pin Micro USB cable

Technical specification:
• Battery colour to choose: Blue, Pink, Black, Silver
• Battery capacity: 900 mAh Li-ion battery
• Output voltage: 1 LED (3.5V), 2 LED (3.8V), 3 LED (4.1V), 4 LED (4.4V) - please use proper PG:VG ratio liquid. With too thin liquid and high voltage (V) you can burn the coil.
• Expected Charging time: 2.5 - 3.0h
• Recommended resistance: 1.0 - 3.0Ω
• Q16 Pro Battery: 16.5mm x 25.2mm x 70.4mm - weight 38g
• Cut-off time: 10 seconds
• Short circuit protection: LED blinks 2 cycles in White- Blue - Red sequence
• Overheating protection: If the battery power button ispressed more than 10 seconds, LED blinks 4 cycles in White - Blue - Red sequence and the protection circuit shuts down the power to prevent overheating.
• Overdischarge protection: When the battery goes down to a certain voltage, the protection circuit will cut off the power to prevent any performance degradation of the battery.
• Overcharge ptotection: When the battery is fully charged, the protection circuit will cut off the power t prevent safety accidents caused by overcharge.
• Overvoltage charge protection: If charging voltage is higher than 6 voltages, the circuit will automatically block the charging power
• Temperature Protection: When temperature of battery circuits (PCBa) reaches to 75C, power shuts down automatically and LED blinks 4 cycles in White - Red sequence.
• Charged by 5pin USB cable.

The battery is equipped with the system signaling the battery charge level:
- 100- 65%, 3 LED will light
- 65 – 30%, 2 LED will light
- 30% and under 1 LED will light
- When the battery is nearly discharged. Red LED Light Blinks 4 time

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The kit contains:
• JUSTFOG Q16 Pro Clearomizer - 1 pcs
• Q16 Pro Battery (900 mAh) - 1 pcs
• 14 series Organic Cotton Coil - 1 pcs
• User guide

How to charge
 Easy to charge via Micro 5pin USB port. When battery indicate that is full, disconnect the wire. Never leave connected for night time and never leave the device connected to the charger unattended. If you do, you do so at your own risk.
 USB Charger must be connected to DC 5V Adapter for Safety

The warranty period for particular kit elements is:
2 months from date of purchase:
• Q16 Pro 900 mAh battery

The warranty does not cover Coils or Clearomizer, as these part are quickly used up while the products are put to normal use.

Tip - Q16 Pro battery come with a 4-Click ON/OFF feature. This can help prevent you from unintentionally turning the battery ON. Simply press the button 4 times in a row manually to turn the battery either ON or OFF. (Should be done quickly in 2 seconds)